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Geng Xue - art should be romantic and full of imagination.
Then exhibition artwork
Hot Blood exhibition artwork
And Now exhibition artwork
The Dark Matters exhibition artwork
shao yinong & muchen - even though I live in a modern world, I am still deeply troubled by the past.
jiang pengyi - to make art is to experience a process.
Then exhibition artwork
huang xiaoliang- my purpose is to make the audience be amazed by life itself.
Jian 1; 2011.114
Lumen exhibition artwork
Heavy Artillery exhibition artwork
Made in China - American Flag 2; 2010.076
chen wei - i want my work to crystallise a fleeting moment of time. it might be the past, it might be an imaginary future.
Hong Hao - the less we pursue what is outside of us, the more time and space we have to pursue what is inside us.
Supernatural exhibition artwork
Wu Shanzhuan, Mono Brackets Flower
The Dark Matters exhibition artwork
The High-Speed Flight of Patrick Star; 2012.008
Basketball Hoops; 2010.072
yin xiuzhen, Life
Faces of Kongkong; 2010.057
wang jianwei
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