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Opening Hours

The gallery is temporarily closed.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the gallery with our brand new exhibition, “Big in China”. Please take note of our Christmas season operating days (below) when the Gallery will be open 10am – 5pm.


30 Balfour Street
Chippendale NSW, 2008, Australia

The White Rabbit Gallery is conveniently located a short 10 minute walk from Central and Redfern train stations and the Railway Square bus terminal. We don’t have parking spaces available, but there is limited on-street 2 hour metered parking in the area. Alternatively, Broadway Shopping Centre has a car park offering the first 2 hours free of charge, it is also a short 10 minute walk from the gallery.

The closest disabled parking spots are at 71 Regent Street Chippendale and Myrtle Street Chippendale (between City Road and Paints Lane)

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We are also happy to announce that we will be celebrating post-Christmas by opening on Mondays and Tuesdays for a couple of weeks. Following are the Christmas Season open days:

Post-Christmas extended open days

20.12.2021 Monday Closed
21.12.2021 Tuesday Closed
22.12.2021 Wednesday Closed
23.12.2021 Thursday Closed
24.12.2021 Friday Closed
25.12.2021 Saturday Closed
26.12.2021 Sunday Closed

27.12.2021 Monday Open
28.12.2021 Tuesday Open
29.12.2021 Wednesday Open
30.12.2021 Thursday Open
31.12.2021 Friday Closed
1.1.2022 Saturday Closed
2.1.2022 Sunday Open

3.1.2022 Monday Open
4.1.2022 Tuesday Open
5.1.2022 Wednesday Open
6.1.2022 Thursday Open
7.1.2022 Friday Open
8.1.2022 Saturday Open
9.1.2022 Sunday Open

10.1.2022 Monday Closed
11.1.2022 Tuesday Closed
12.1.2022 Wednesday Open
13.1.2022 Thursday Open
14.1.2022 Friday Open
15.1.2022 Saturday Open
16.1.2022 Sunday Open

Upcoming Exhibitions

Big in China 11.12.21 - 22.5.22

Feng Mengbo - Big in China exhibition

Big in China

Christmas comes early this year as the White Rabbit finally re-opens after the enforced lockdown and the install of our new exhibition Big in China on Saturday 11 December.
We look forward to welcoming you back in the Gallery very soon.


Virtual Tours

Lights out on Lumen

The White Rabbit Gallery has just launched an online exhibition digital experience.
Take a virtual tour of our recent exhibitions.
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Guided Tours

Until further notice, we will not be offering guided tours. Our floor staff are always on hand to share their fund of knowledge with visitors who want more information on the artworks and artists, and on Chinese contemporary art in general. Please contact the gallery for further information if necessary.

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Group Visits

Unfortunately, the age, size, and limited facilities of our building mean that White Rabbit cannot accommodate group visits or booked tours. Please see a letter from our Founder and Director, Judith Neilson, regarding group visits here.


White Rabbit Gallery

The White Rabbit Gallery was opened in 2009 to showcase what has become one of the world’s most significant collections of Chinese contemporary art.

Dedicated to works made in the 21st century, the White Rabbit Collection is owned by Judith Neilson, who was inspired to establish it after her first trips to Beijing in the late 1990s. She was thrilled by the creative energy and technical quality of the works she saw and wanted to share them with people outside China. She makes regular trips to China and Taiwan to augment the Collection, which now includes almost 3000 works by almost 750 artists and continues to expand.

The gallery building, a Rolls-Royce service depot in the 1940s, was completely refitted as an exhibition space by architect William Smart. Since the Gallery can house only a fraction of the collection at any one time, there are two new exhibitions a year, each involving a full rehang. For this reason, the Gallery closes during installations, usually in February and August.

The White Rabbit Gallery is a registered charitable institution funded solely by Judith Neilson. Admission is free.


Tea House

Visit the Tea Hous

Whether you’re visiting White Rabbit’s collection, meeting a friend or just in need of a break, the gallery’s tranquil street-level Tea House is a delightful place to relax, chat, or simply read the paper as you sip.

As well as snacks, we serve a wide range of the finest Chinese and Taiwanese teas. Take your pick from oolong, partly oxidised leaves that are twisted or rolled into tiny balls; white teas, named for the pale down on their leaves; flower teas like chrysanthemum, which blossom in the pot; and in summer, cooling lychee or green iced tea.

If you’re not sure which tea will suit your taste or mood, our cheerful attendants are happy to offer suggestions. Most Chinese teas can be infused several times, and many taste best on the second or third steeping. We’ll keep topping up your pot at no extra charge until you’ve had your blissful fill.

For lunch, try a plate of our divine handmade dumplings (chicken and coriander or egg and chive; gluten-free alternatives are available) or scrumptious scones, served warm with jam and cream. And if tea is not your cup of tea, we have wine, beer and juices.

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