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Chen Fei

Chen Fei

Artist Chen Fei 陈飞
Exhibitions Then
The Big Bang
DOB 1972
POB Miaoming, Guangdong, China

Born in Guangdong, China in 1972, Chen Fei abandoned his hometown in the Pearl River Delta – often known as the experimental laboratory of ‘Reform and Opening’ and the industrial hub of China, at the forefront region of its economic development – and came to Beijing to pursue his artistic career. His works reveal an artist struck by the impact of globalisation and the rapid growth of wealth in China’s new market economy. In particular, his works of fleshy human-like ‘blobs’ disintegrating under the weight of their greed and consumer desire, reveal his response to the social inequity and wealth disparities in this newly aspirational society.

Beyond Satisfaction 2006 1; 2006.003
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