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The first ten years of the White Rabbit

THEN celebrates the great adventure of White Rabbit’s first decade: ten exciting years of showcasing the creative energy, daring and technical accomplishment of Chinese contemporary art. The gallery’s tenth anniversary exhibition presents works by more than 60 artists, all produced during the first ten years of Judith Neilson’s private collection (2000-2010). Some were highlights of the very first White Rabbit exhibition, in 2009.

Sweeping social change at the end of the 20th century meant that Chinese artists at the start of the 21st found themselves in a world that had been utterly transformed. They responded by embracing new influences from overseas and from within China. Re-examining and reinventing Chinese art traditions, playfully fusing them with the best of international contemporaneity, they created an eclectic mash-up of past and present, and east and west.

Their provocative work celebrated – and satirised – a society in flux. A fire-engine red, pig-like car with an 11-metre protruding tongue; a giant pair of pink, neon-lit underpants with a soundtrack of Shanghai love songs; a dusty minivan that ‘breathes’; an installation of 1500 knitted strawberries – the sheer inventiveness of artists revelling in new-found freedoms challenged clichéd perceptions of China. From embroidered portraits of grinning world leaders to American and Chinese flags made up of corporate logos, the artists in THEN examine the paradoxes of a nation on fast forward.

The first decade of this ‘Chinese century’ was the moment that Chinese contemporary art exploded into the international arena. THEN tells the story of White Rabbit’s first, boldly adventurous decade – a journey into the unknown that parallels the ambition and audacity of contemporary Chinese art.

Chen Wenling Valiant Struggle 11, 2006 bronze, stainless steel, fibreglass, gold leaf, sound speakers, vehicle duco
550 x 160 x 160 cm
Chen Wenling Red Memory–Smile, 2007 bronze, vehicle duco
290 x 120 x 200 cm
Chen Wenling Red Memory–Asking God, 2006 bronze, vehicle duco
77 x 33 x 27 cm
Bu Hua Beauty 3, 2008 pigmented inkjet print, 100 x 100 cm
Chen Fei Beyond Satisfaction 2006 1, 2006 oil on canvas
280 x 220 cm
Chen Fei Beyond Satisfaction 2005 3, 2005 oil on canvas
200 x 160 cm
Daniel Lee Nightlife, 2001 inkjet print on vinyl
207 x 531 cm
Gao Xiaowu City Dreams 1, 2006 fibreglass, stainless steel
142 x 85 x 125 cm
Gao Xiaowu City Dreams 2, 2006 fibreglass, stainless steel
125 x 88 x 155 cm
He Jia Apple in Love, 2006 acrylic on canvas
200 x 320 cm
He Jia Happy Balloon Men, 2007 stainless steel, 2 pieces
dimensions variable
Jin Shi Mini Home, 2005 mixed media installation
140 x 120 x 195 cm
Jin Nv Exuviate 2—Where Have All the Children Gone?, 2005 starched silk and cotton fabric, thread, fishing line
dimensions variable
Li Linying Opulent Banquet, 2000–2008 wool
dimensions variable
Li Shan Recombinant, 2002–2006 photographs on lightboxes
60 x 80 cm x 9 pieces
Li Zhanyang Traffic Accident, 2001 bronze, paint
69 x 139 x 73.5 cm
Meiya Lin The Times Are Summoning, 2007 video
2 min 28 sec
Pei Jing Monroe, The East is Red, 2006 silk screen print on paper
45.9 x 68.6 cm
Qin Fengling Scaffold 08.8, 2008 acrylic on canvas, wood sticks
200 x 250 cm
Shen Liang This is a Book, 2007 oil on canvas, each 80 x 100 cm;
comic books, each 8 x 10 cm
Shen Shaomin Laboratory—Three-Headed, Six-Armed Superman, 2005 bones, bone meal, glue, glass
dimensions variable
Song Yongping My Parents, 1997–2001 gelatin silver prints
112 x 74 cm x 8 pieces
Tang Maohong Orchid Finger, 2005 23-colour serigraph,
45 x 45 cm x 12 pieces
Zhang Dali Chinese Offspring, 2005 FRP, automotive paint, acylic paint
20 pieces life size
Zhang Hai’er Lune Violette in Victoria’s Secret Lingerie, Guangzhou 2004, 2004 chromogenic colour print
100 x 67 cm
Zhang Hai’er Lee Lyna, Royal Court Hotel, Beijing 2006, 2006 chromogenic colour print
100 x 67 cm
Zhang Hai’er Qiao Mei, Guangzhou, 2005, 2005 chromogenic colour print
100 x 67 cm
Zhang Hai’er Lune Violette, Guangzhou, 2006, 2006 chromogenic colour print
100 x 67 cm
Zhang Hai’er Emily at Xiangxiang’s Place, Dongguan, 2005, 2005 chromogenic colour print
100 x 67 cm
Zhang Hai’er Chily, Golden Bridge Hotel, Guangzhou, 2005, 2005 chromogenic colour print
100 x 67 cm
Zhang Hai’er Zhao Ming, Guangzhou, 1995, 1995 chromogenic colour print
100 x 67 cm
Bingyi Six Accounts of a Floating Life, 2008 oil on canvas
5 panels, total 160 x 900 cm
Chang Xugong Embroidered Portrait Series: President George W. Bush + Embroidered Portrait Series: Premier Wen Jiabao, 2005 embroidery on fabric
both 100 x 80 cm
Chen Wei Phlegm, Tunnel, A Rat’s Post Office, 2007–2008 chromogenic colour prints
each 150 x 150 cm
Du Xia Moustache (Stubble) 1, Moustache (Stubble) 2, 2008 oil on canvas
both 210 x 180 cm
Feng Yan Black Car, Red Carpet, Tyre and Red Carpet, Car Door, 2008 chromogenic colour prints
each 87.3 x 130 cm
Han Lei Pan Jinlian Who Performs as a Rabbit Girl, 2008 triptych chromogenic colour print
180 x 216 cm
Han Lei Three Standing Nude Women 1, Three Standing Nude Women 2, 2007 chromogenic colour prints
both 180 x 141 cm
He Yunchang One Metre of Democracy, 2010 6 x photographs 32 x 46 cm
video 12 min 15 sec
Huang Yan Brother and Sister 1, Brother and Sister 2, 2006 chromogenic colour prints
both 120 x 100 cm
Shu Yong National Anthem 1, National Anthem 2, 2009 inkjet prints
both 90 x 160 cm
Wang Yuyang Breathe—Manager Zhao’s Black Cab, 2008 silicone, steel, fan
170 x 300 x 120 cm
Wu Junyong Death of the Hammer, Karl Marx’s Worries, Sisyphus, Square, 2008 oil on canvas
each 40 x 40 cm
Zhou Xiaohu Even in Fear, 2008 balloon, pump
dimensions variable
Zhou Xiaohu The Temporary Sculpture, 2008 video
5 minutes 45 seconds
Zhu Fadong Celebrity 48, 2008 ink on parchment
100 x 80 cm
Zhu Jinshi Diary 25.12.06, 2006 oil paint, canvas, shovel, palette, chair, easel, paper, ink
200 x 250 cm
Zhu Yiqing Made in China—American Flag 2, Made in China—Chinese Flag 2, 2009 oil on canvas
both 134 x 186 cm
Zong Ning Dead Bird, Insane Desire, Slum, Jie, 2008 hand manipulated inkjet print on Hahnemuehle paper mounted on rice paper
each 114 x 91 cm
XU ZHEN® Calm, 2009 water bed, carpet, bricks
15 x 500 x 350 cm
XU ZHEN® You're Going to Heaven Tomorrow, 2009 iron
120 x 157 x .8 cm
XU ZHEN® Dah… Dah… Dah… Dah…, 2009 iron
120 x 157 x .8 cm
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