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Tang Maohong

Tang Maohong

Artist Tang Maohong 唐茂宏
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DOB 1975
POB Lingchuan, Guangxi, China

Tang Maohong graduated from the China Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou in 2000 and now divides his time between Beijing and Seoul. He simultaneously references and undermines art history and popular culture. He has integrated a variety of visual elements and subject matter, producing works that inhabit the ever-blurred border between fine art and popular illustration. His work is absurd, magical, humorous and confrontational, hinting that the juxtapositions of figurative objects might be more than just illusions. Tang Maohong’s pictorial universe reflects not only a new subject – a psyche whose internal eclectic imagination is echoed in the environment of constantly flowing images – but also the inversion of out-grown traditions. (Information from ShanghART Gallery)

Orchid Finger; 2006.068
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