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Artists Exhibiting in:

Vile Bodies

Cang Xin

Shamanism Series—Variation 1, 2, 3; 2007.002

Cheng Dapeng

Wonderful City; 2012.011

Daniel Lee

Gong Chenyu

Display - Animal Taming; 2015.558

He Pengqi

Who Am I - Family Photograph; 2015.245

Hou Chun-Ming

Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea; 2015.432

Huang Siying

Huang Siying Artwork in Lumen

Lam Tung-pang

Where is the White Crow?; 2014.176

Li Shan

Deviation; 2017.019

Lu Yang

Electromagnetic Brainology; 2017.088


LuxuryLogico Artwork in Lumen

Lve Wang

Cell of Dreams; 2015.433

Peng Yu

I Didn't Notice What I am Doing; 2014.185

Qiu Anxiong

New Classic of Mountains and Seas Part 3/新山海经第三部; 2017.095

Su Xinping

Untitled 1; 2015.561

Sun Yuan

I Didn't Notice What I am Doing; 2014.185

The Collection

The White Rabbit Collection is one of the world’s most extensive and significant collections of contemporary art from China.

The collection contains almost 3,000 works made by almost 750 artists. With a focus on works created since the year 2000, it is a document of social and artistic change in twenty-first century China. White Rabbit Collection is housed at Dangrove, a purpose-built and state-of-the-art storage facility and research centre in Sydney, Australia designed by celebrated architect, Alec Tzannes.



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