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Vile Bodies

Vile Bodies

15 09.09.2016–05.02.2017

Vile Bodies

The Grotesque and the Glorious

Out in the wild lands beyond the Great Wall, there once roamed people with claws and blue skin, one-legged goblins, women with tigers’ teeth, and fish-men that walked on four fins. Such monsters and mutants posed a threat to the civilised order, so they had to be kept at a distance. Yet they were also enticing, alluring, impossible to ignore.

That is because they were us. Their freakish forms, bizarre behaviours, even their magic powers, were expressions of the lingering wildness in us all. They gave shape to our inner Swamp Creatures—the primal fears and imaginings, the lusts and eccentricities, the built-in bugs and defects beneath our standard-issue skins.

Monsters can be dangerous. To give them free rein is to invite calamity, as China’s history shows. But while the vile in us must be restrained, it cannot be suppressed. We may do away with blue-skinned tribes and fish-people, but evolutionary ape-men and cyborgs, cloned sheep and mutant viruses soon take their place. And the vile in us is not always evil. It can be beautiful, even glorious, as the artists in VILE BODIES show. In exploring the monsters we contain and the monsters we create, they enlarge our picture of the human animal.

Zhang Dali Chinese Offspring, 2005 resin, 30 figures
life size
He Pengqi Who Am I—Family Photograph, 2013 colour drawing on wood
46 x 80 cm
He Pengqi Who Am I—Self-Portrait, 2012 colour drawing on wood
45 x 53 cm
Cheng Dapeng Wonderful City, 2011–12 3D prints on lightbox
80 x 200 x 960 cm
Zhu Zi Long Nose, 2015 cast bronze, graphite
166 x 153 x 113 cm
Zhu Zi Short Nose, 2014–15 marble
116 x 80 x 71 cm
Zhu Zi Mudding Sheep, 2015 cast bronze, graphite
68 x 137 x 64 cm
Li Shan Recombinant, 2002–06 photographs on lightboxes
50 pcs
each 60 x 80 cm
Yang Xin Original 5, 2015 paint, mixed media
120 x 120 cm
Qiu Anxiong New Book of Mountains and Seas Part 2, 2006–09 video animation
29 min 5 sec
Wu Junyong Apollo and Daphne, 2012 mineral colour on paper
115 x 72 cm
Wu Junyong Snakes, 2012 mineral colour on paper
51 x 72 cm
Wu Junyong The Third Leg, 2012 mineral colour on paper
65 x 72 cm
Zhou Changyong From Django Unchained 35:05–37:06, 2014 fibreglass
75 x 62 x 60 cm
video (colour)
Hou Chun-Ming Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, 2008 cardboard relief printing plates
210 x 700 cm
Lu Yang Krafttremor, 2011 video
4 min 32 sec
Lu Yang Krafttremor—Parkinson’s Disease Orchestra, 2011 inkjet print
200 x 160 cm
Su Xinping Untitled 1, 2015 charcoal and pastel on paper
330 x 320 cm
Lam Tung-pang Where Is the White Crow?, 2009–10 acrylic and ink on canvas
365 pcs
each 30 x 30 cm
Cang Xin Exotic Flowers and Rare Herbs, 2007 wood
7 pcs
various dimensions
Sun Yuan Peng Yu I Didn’t Notice What I Am Doing, 2012 insect specimens
3 pcs
each 130 x 160 cm
Xia Xiaowan Man and Woman, 2007 pencil on glass
163 x 120 x 81 cm
Wei Rong Poor Goddess, 2013 oil on canvas
130 x 80 cm
Wei Rong Artist and Model, 2014 oil on canvas
142 x 101 cm
LuxuryLogico Wandering, 2016 stainless steel, motor, mixed media
248 x 717 x 140 cm
Huang Siying Initial Psalm, 2013 CG video
1 min 40 sec
3D resin prints
5 pcs
each 20 x 20 x 20 cm
Lve Wang Cell of Dreams, 2014 marker pen on canvas
100 cm diam
Lve Wang Sky Is Falling, 2015 marker pen on canvas
170 cm diam.
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