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Paradi$e Bitch

Paradi$e Bitch

13 10.09.2015–31.01.2016

Paradi$e Bitch

Where Greed And Egotism, Corruption And Spiritual Emptiness Rule

Chinese Buddhists dreamed of a Pure Land. Taiping rebels fought for a “Heavenly Kingdom”. Communist revolutionaries proclaimed an ideal society. But visions of heaven on earth have a way of being scuppered by reality. China’s people have seen one promised paradise after another turned upside down or smashed into pieces.

Today, prosperity is within the reach of millions of Chinese whose ancestors had no hope of earthly comfort. Yet the dreamed-of golden age is as remote as ever. Material plenty and a measure of freedom have come at the price of greed, corruption and spiritual emptiness. For artists – arch-dreamers – the dissonance is an alarm bell.

In their eyes, the gods of East and West are colliding in a monumental mashup. The silent poor are oppressed by their own dreams. Venues that once offered escape are eerily empty, strewn with shattered glass. Glimpses of transcendence are bright hallucinations. Golden-chained gyrating dwarves lip-sync the ugly truth: heaven on earth is a Paradi$e Bitch.

XU ZHEN® Eternity, 2013–2014 Produced by MadeIn Company
glass-fibre-reinforced concrete, artificial stone, steel, mineral pigments
dimensions variable
Zhang Dali Square, 2014 oil paint on cyanotype
145 x 225 cm
Chang Li-Ren Classic Skin Flicks No. 9, Madame Butterfly, 2012 framed digital animation
39 x 35 cm
40 s
Chang Li-Ren Classic Skin Flicks No. 12, Mingguo Movie, 2012 framed digital animation
89 x 59 cm
41 s
Chen Wei Drunken Dance Hall, 2015 wood, steel, luminescent paint, broken glass, lights, acrylic, mirrors
dimensions variable
Chu Shu-Hsien Bruce Lee—NG Face 3, Bruce Lee—NG Face 4, 2013 lenticular photographs
90 x 120 cm
Wang Po-Yu Unreal Ink, 2014 multimedia installation
dimensions variable
Bu Hua Cat, Youth Does Harm to Your Health, Last Phases of the Future, Savage Growth, Anxiety, LV Forest, 2002, 2007, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Flash digital animations
various durations
Gao Rong Some Days Later, 2015 cloth, thread, latex foam, steel
115 x 53 x 50 cm
Guo Tianyi What to See series (Forest, Fog, Rain, Ice), 2012 pencil on paper
100 x 80 cm
Hong Hao My Things—Tian A, 2008 digital print of scanned images
120 x 198 cm
Hong Hao My Things—Bookkeeping of 2006 A, 2006 digital print of scanned images
120 x 204 cm
Huang Bo-Hao Ultramarine, 2014 azurite, lapis lazuli on torinoko paper
153 x 213 cm
Li Hui Cage, 2006–2014 green iodide lasers, fog machines
dimensions variable
Mia Liu Guggen’ Dizzy, 2009–2011 blank tickets to Guggenheim Museum New York, masking tape, motors, plywood
3 pcs
175 cm diameter x 30 cm
Shao Yinong Muchen Fairy Tales in Red Times series (Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Cyan, Black), 2004 hand-dyed colour photographs
160 x 120 cm
Shi Yong A Bunch of Happy Fantasies, 2009 neon lights, acrylic stands
dimensions variable
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