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And Now

And Now

23 11.03.2020–17.01.2021

And Now

The second decade of the White Rabbit Collection

With a penchant for obscure metaphors and cryptic imagery, the “Misty Poets” were a little-known movement that flourished in China during the turbulent years between 1979 and 1989. Challenging Maoist artistic ideology, their poems, like the clouds themselves, were veiled and nebulous. Today, as creative restrictions continue to expand and contract in China, their legacy of ambiguity and oblique condemnation endures.

Gone are the bold declarations and audacious iconoclasm that once characterised contemporary Chinese art. The artists in AND NOW represent the vanguard of global contemporary art, their works no longer merely reflect the transformation of China but, instead, echo an entire world in flux. Eco-anxiety, governmental crackdowns, digital imprisonment disguised as liberation – it’s a brave new world that we share.

AND NOW features works from the second decade of Judith Neilson’s White Rabbit Collection. Here, nothing is as it seems. A lone figure washes the body of a dead whale, atoning for destruction wrought by man; rolls of flesh become an omen of relentless progress; diaphanous flags offer the invitation of passage only to deny it moments later; despair is written in salt; glass masquerades as stone; and, with a touch of futility, silkworms enshroud ancient wood as though to stay the hand of ecological collapse.

Profound and multifaceted, quiet and melancholy, the artists speak of transformation, redemption and loss. Their shared language is one of allegory; time resides here in poetry.

Yu Hong One Hundred Years of Repose, 2011 gold leaf, acrylic on canvas
418 x 600 cm
Zhang Peili The Endless Walkway, 2016 lace flags, electric motors, control system, steel, LCD monitor
dimensions variable
Zhu Jinshi The Ship of Time, 2018 xuan paper, bamboo, cotton thread
dimensions variable
Ju Anqi A Missing Policeman, 2016 video, 50 minutes 2 seconds
Li Yongzheng Death Has Been My Dream for a Long Time, 2015 video 16 minutes 51 seconds
Himalayan salt bricks
dimensions variable
Liang Shaoji Heavy Clouds 2, 2014 silk, wood cocoons
90 x 445 x 85 cm
Liang Shaoji Heavy Clouds 3, 2014 silk, wood cocoons
85 x 180 x 45 cm
Liang Shaoji Heavy Clouds 4, 2014 silk, wood cocoons
59 x 240 x 46 cm
Shang Yang The Dong Qichang Project 38, 2011 oil, acrylic and bitumen on canvas
212 x 759 cm
Shen Chen Untitled No. 53003-14, 2014 acrylic on canvas
167 x 366 cm
Zhao Zhao Constellations, 2017 silk embroidery
300 x 980 cm
Zhao Zhao One Second, 2018 oil on canvas
200 x 300 cm
Liu Chuang Bitcoin Mining and Field Recordings of Ethnic Minorities, 2018 3 channel video,
40 minutes 5 seconds
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