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A Fairy Tale in Red Times

A Fairy Tale in Red Times

21 03.05–06.10.2019

A Fairy Tale in Red Times

Works from the White Rabbit Collection at the National Gallery of Victoria

A Fairy Tale in Red Times: Works from the White Rabbit Collection presents works by 26 Chinese artists, an exciting collaboration between the NGV and arts patron and philanthropist Judith Neilson on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the White Rabbit Gallery.

The NGV celebrates Judith Neilson’s visionary endeavour with this selection of works from artists based in mainland China and Taiwan.

A Fairy Tale in Red Times reveals the creative energy, technical virtuosity and conceptual richness of artists from two generations: the first post-Mao generation that enthralled Neilson in the early days of building the collection, and the exciting innovations and global reach of a younger generation for whom the Cultural Revolution is ancient history.

Neilson’s White Rabbit Collection is currently the largest private collection of contemporary Chinese art internationally, containing more than 2500 works by more than 700 artists, all produced since the year 2000. More than an art collection, it is a social document that reveals dramatic generational change in Chinese society, culture and contemporary art in the twenty-first century. Since 2009 exhibitions of works from the collection at White Rabbit Gallery have become an accessible point of first contact with contemporary art from China for Australian residents and international visitors alike. Admission is free.

A Fairy Tale in Red Times is drawn completely from Judith Neilson’s renowned White Rabbit Collection.

Zhu Jinshi Spring Festival is Coming, 2015 oil on canvas
180 x 640 cm
Yang Jiechang Tale of the 11th Day, 2012–14 ink and mineral colors on silk
225 × 142 cm x 14 panels
Su Meng-Hung The Album of Immortal Blossoms in an Everlasting Spring by Giuseppe Castiglione, 2012 acrylic on canvas
259 x 194 cm
Zhang Dali Square (a selection of the figures form the series of 10), 2014 resin
various dimensions
Wang Ningde Some Days Series, 2002-09 gelatin silver prints
40 x 50 cm or 50 x 40 cm
Geng Xue The Poetry of Michelangelo, 2015 single channel video
19 min 9 sec
Shao Yinong Muchen Fairy Tales in Red Times - Black, 2003–07 hand-dyed colour photograph
160 x 120 cm (x 6)
Shi Yong A Bunch of Happy Fantasies, 2009 neon lights, acrylic stands
500 x 500 cm (dimensions variable)
Jiang Pengyi Trace Series, 2014 emulsion lift photograph
various sizes, approx 28 x 22 cm
Sun Xun Divine Landscape of Jing Bang, 2013 ink, cast paper, cotton pulp, stainless steel
6 panels
each 226.5 x 150 cm
Qiu Zhijie The Heritage of the Third World, 2013 ink on paper
146 x 183 cm
Shang Yang The Dong Qichang Project 38, 2011 oil, acrylic, bitumen on canvas
212 x 759 cm (triptych)
Liu Jianhua Fallen Leaves, 2012-14 porcelain
5,000 handcrafted porcelain leaves
dimensions variable
Lin Yen-Wei Just Like the Way You Are 5, 2011 oil on canvas
174 x 259 cm
Just Like the Way You Are 28, 2014 oil on canvas
105 x 80 cm
Just Like the Way You Are 11, 2014 oil on canvas
127 x 182 cm
Mao Tongqiang Order, 2015 mirror finished stainless steel
2000 bullets
244.5 x 1836 x 5.5 cm
Liu Wei Density 1–6, 2013 books, steel, wood
various dimensions
Zhao Zhao Constellations, 2017 silk embroidery
300 x 980 cm
Zhu Jinshi The Ship of Time, 2018 rice paper, bamboo, cotton thread
dimensions variable
approximately 350 x 350 x 1200 cm
Tang Nannan Billenium Waves, 2015 single channel videos
4 min 3 sec
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