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Hot Blood

Hot Blood

20 15.03–14.08.2019

Hot Blood

Not for the faint of heart

Since Chinese contemporary art exploded onto the international stage in the 1990s, dramatic changes in Chinese society have, in turn, changed the nature of its art. HOT BLOOD presents a group of artists who confound outmoded expectations about China, reflecting unflinchingly on the most uncomfortable truths of our age.

They engage with global art discourses, adapt new and emergent technologies, reinvent art traditions and challenge sexual  and social taboos. Playful, irreverent, and sometimes downright subversive, their subjects range from desire to spiritual ecstasy, from solitude in a crowded world to traumatic memories, from the frontiers of neuro-science to experiences of diaspora.

Some focus on the virtual landscape inhabited by billions of people across the globe;  they adapt the new languages of social media, music video and gaming, or satirise the aesthetics of the Chinese internet. Others confront shibboleths surrounding sex, birth, bodily frailty and death in works exploring the physical and psychological realities of being human. But whether they are savvy millennials, or the avant-garde pioneers who introduced Chinese contemporary art to the world, they refuse to be labelled or limited by gender, age or national identity.

Lu Yang Electromagnetic Brainology, 2017 video installation
dimensions variable
Huang Hua-Chen The Family Album—So See You Later, 2009–2012 oil on canvas
dimensions variable
Miao Ying Problematic GIFS—No Problem at All, 2016 GIF installation, flatscreen tv, lightbox
298 x 241 x 8 cm
Nimuë Beat the Air, Ebb the Flow, Handshake, In the Air, Kissass, Monkey Island, Nailed It, Pull Yourself Together, Qualified, Spice it Up, Vibes, 5:55, 2014–2016 video
durations variable
Peng Yun Miss Melissa and Mr Fish at 2:31pm, 2013 video
7 min 47 sec
Sun Furong Nibbling Up—Tomb Figures, 2008 cloth, mixed media
180 x 550 x 250cm
Xiao Lu Sperm, 2006 stainless steel freezer, glass jars, wooden shelving, file boxes, photograph, video
dimensions variable
Zhu Liye Line-Up, 2007 chromogenic colour print
114 x 114 cm
Cui Jie Rose’s House, 2014 oil on canvas
150 x 200 cm
Cui Jie Crane’s House 3, 2014 oil on canvas
150 x 110 cm
Firenze Lai Noise, Wind, Shadow, Untitled, Contour 12, Contour 17, Sacred Sunday, Mrs Fong Heung, Betting Station, Security Guard, Raincoat, 2009–2013 media and dimensions variable 
Guo Ling Prejudice 10, 2008 oil on canvas
200 x 300 cm
Hu Liu Grass, 2015 pencil on paper
109 x 253 cm
Liang Tao Luofu Dream—Pink Pink, 2006 wood, sponge, wire, fabric
dimensions variable
Mia Liu A Route of Evanescence, 2015 paper on stainless steel
170 x 230 x 60 cm 
Mia Liu Guggen’ Dizzy, 2009–2011 blank tickets to Guggenheim Museum, New York, masking tape, motors, plywood
3 pcs, 174 cm diameter x 30 cm
Patty Chang Configurations, 2017 2 channel video
13 min 4 sec 
Patty Chang Glass Urinary Devices, 2016 hand-blown borosilicate glass, plastic,
5 pieces, dimensions variable
Yin Xiuzhen Life, 2007–2011 used clothes,
dimensions variable
Chen Zhe Bees, 2010–2012 inkjet prints x 40 pieces
dimensions variable
Chen Zhe The Bearable, 2007–2010 inkjet prints x 30 pieces
dimensions variable
Huang Wan-Ling Travel Notes—Peking Duck, Travel Notes—Vermont, March 1, Travel Notes—Vermont, March 2, 2010–2014 watermark woodcut prints
each 30.5 x 180 cm
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