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Xu Zhen®

Xu Zhen®

24 01.03.2020–31.03.2021

Xu Zhen®

Eternity vs Evolution at the National Gallery of Australia

Xu Zhen (b 1977, Shanghai) is a leading figure among China’s younger generation of artists. This is the first major solo exhibition of his work in Australia and brings together early videos with more recent works, including paintings, tapestries and monumental sculptures.

Interested in how cultural and financial value circulates around the world, Xu Zhen combines elements from many cultures, examining the effects of globalisation with often humorous or unsettling effect.

In 2009, Xu Zhen established MadeIn Company, a factory- like cultural corporation that plays on the phrase ‘Made in China’. MadeIn Company enabled Xu Zhen to increase the scale of his artistic production and curate exhibitions. In 2013, MadeIn Company launched the brand XU ZHEN®, interrogating the way in which art and artists are commodified by a contemporary global art market.

Xu Zhen’s playful approach to artmaking and reconfiguration of cultural forms reveals the preconceptions and prejudices that exist between different parts of the world. His work engages with the economic forces that shape our lives.

XU ZHEN® Spread B–041, 2010 synthetic fabrics, cotton, acrylic, fur, cord, thread
320 x 508 cm
Immortals’ Trails in Secret Land, 2012 real and synthetic fabric, leather, feathers
240 x 350 x 20 cm
Eternity—Greek Column, 2018-19 silicon, stainless steel, resin, robotic mechanisms
350 x 400 x 800 cm
XU ZHEN® European Thousand-Armed Classical Sculpture, 2014 glass-fibre-reinforced concrete, marble grains, marble, metal
473 x 394 x 1470 cm
Eternity, 2013-14 glass-fibre-reinforced concrete, artificial stone, mineral pigments
502 x 1523 x 95 cm
Rainbow, 1998 single-channel video
7 minutes 45 seconds
Small Change (one-Renminbi Tank), 2014 one yuan banknotes
15 x 53 x 22 cm
XU ZHEN® Shouting, 1998 single channel video
3 minutes 52 seconds
You’re Going to Heaven Tomorrow, 2009 steel
120 x 157 cm
Dah… Dah… Dah… Dah…, 2009 steel
120 x 188 cm
Calm, 2009 waterbed, carpet, bricks
15 x 500 x 350 cm
Under Heaven— Black Light 0302VS0137, 2013 oil on canvas
170 x 250 x 10 cm
Under Heaven 20121018, 2012 oil on canvas
140 x 200 x 20 cm
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