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Heavy Artillery

Heavy Artillery

14 09.03–07.08.2016

Heavy Artillery

Think Big

A metric ton of fake marble. Two tons of leather. Three tons of compressed paper. Five thousand porcelain leaves, 10,000 identical books, 130,000 minute photographs, 600,000 painted dots. In these artworks, mass and scale are as important as media.

Gigantic statues of Mao erected in the 1960s still dominate town squares all over China. But for contemporary artists, monumentalism is a way to express new realities and new ideas. It reflects confidence and ambition, a sense of China’s rising power, and the desire to make a mark. As photographer Guo Jian puts it: “I wanted my picture to be huge to have an impact.”

Artists go big to grab the attention of fickle audiences and position themselves in a crowded marketplace. They also do it to convey large ideas, about life and death, technology and nature, change and eternity. In China they have an additional reason. Contemporary art is a Western import, and many Chinese artists name European and American masters as their greatest influences. Now, mixing what they have learned from the West with China’s classical culture and crazy commercial zeitgeist, the former students are taking contemporary art in bold new directions. Whether they enlist computers and teams of low-cost workers or rely on their own patient skill, they are making works as hefty as their nation’s profile, and as hard to ignore. Their creations may embrace, confront, intrigue or enthrall, but all are intended to stop viewers in their tracks.

XU ZHEN® European Thousand-Armed Classical Sculpture, 2013–2014 produced by MadeIn Company
glass-fibre-reinforced concrete, marble grains, marble, metal,
473 x 1470 x 304 cm
aaajiao Limited Landscape, Unlimited, 2015 video
aaajiao Limited Landscape, Unlimited Floating, 2015 3D print, magnets
aaajiao Obj. 3, Obj. 4, Obj. 5, 2014 videos
each 8 min
Ah Leon Memories of Elementary School, 2010 ceramic stoneware
dimensions variable
Chou Chu-Wang Four Bliss Stones, 2014 oil on canvas
4 pcs, each 41 x 27 cm
Jiang Zhi Love Letters, 2014 archival inkjet prints
5 pcs 106 x 80 cm
1 pc 70 x 138 cm
Liu Chengrui Guazi Moves Earth, 2007–2008 photographs
4 pcs each 120 x 88 cm
1 pc 88 x 120 cm
Shinji Ohmaki Flotage—Tectonics, 2014 silk-screen print on acrylic
226.5 x 415 x 90.5 cm
Song Hongquan After the Stone Age, 2011 granite
77 pcs various sizes
dimensions variable
Wang Lei Armour of Triumph, 2012 newspapers, metal
230 x 50 x 175 cm
Wang Lei A Ribbon of Dictionary, 2012 paper, covers of two dictionary volumes
26 x 2000 cm
Geng Xue The Poetry of Michelangelo, 2015 video (b/w, sound)
19 min
Guo Jian Picturesque Scenery 26, 2011–2012 inkjet pigment print
320 x 500 cm
Lin Yen-Wei Just Like the Way You Are 5, 11, 28, 2011 and 2014 oil on canvas
various dimensions
Liu Chuang Untitled (The Festival), 2011 video (colour, sound)
5 min 14s
Liu Jianhua Fallen Leaves, 2012 porcelain
5000 pcs
various sizes, dimensions variable
Liu Wei Density 1–6, 2013 books, steel, wood
various sizes, dimensions variable
He Xiangyu Tank Project, 2011–2013 leather
150 x 890 x 600 cm
Huang Hai-Hsin Indoor Practice 1 and 2, 2012 oil on canvas
152 x 127 cm
158 x 120 cm
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