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I Loved You

I Loved You

27 02.07–13.11.2022

I Loved You

Love Turns Up in unexpected places

The time between messages, the length between reunions, the distance between lovers – our intimate lives are filled with spaces. Whether they be passionate or painful, absences punctuate our daily routines with reminders of a beloved when they are no longer there. From heady first meetings to bittersweet goodbyes, throughout it all, love haunts us like a ghost.

Where have we looked for love? Within a humble bowl of rice or the fantasy of a boyband, either real or imagined, the artists in I Loved You search for the sites of our intimate lives. Qiu Jiongjiong leads us beneath the bustle of Beijing to a smoky underground bar echoing with songs of longing. Gao Rong recreates the warmth of her grandparents’ home with needle and thread, rendering brick as soft as a favourite sweater. For Hu Weiyi the trace of love lingers for a moment on his partner’s skin. For Jiang Zhi its memory burns brightly like a flower caught ablaze. From old rickshaws to abandoned playgrounds, love turns up in unexpected places.

Yet love can seem as elusive as a flower in a mirror or the moon in water. Written under the haze of intoxication, Shi Yong immortalises the fevered poetry of his friend in a pool of red neon lights. Glimmering like the embers of a fading fire, his work conjures the words of Pushkin: “I loved you; and perhaps I love you still / The flame, perhaps, is not extinguished…”

Photography by Hamish McIntosh

Shi Yong A Bunch of Happy Fantasies, 2009 Neon lights, acrylic stands
500 x 500cm
Artist Unknown [Chinese ancestral painting depicting ten generations of the Lee Family], c. 1700 painted in Ming Dynasty style, Ming-Qing Dynasty
Ink and watercolour on paper mounted on linen
283.5 x 159 x 8 cm framed
Ren Hang Untitled (straw), 2014 Chromogenic print
67 x 100cm
Untitled (fish), 2012 Chromogenic print
100 x 67cm
Huang Shun-Hsing Unaccompanied 1 – 8, 2008 Ink on paper
Numbers 1, 3 and 6 are 67.5 x 35 cm each
Numbers 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8 are 68.5 x 35cm each
Zhang Peili Lowest Resolution, 2007 Video, sensor, media player
14 minutes 46 seconds
Hu Weiyi 14 minutes, 2013 Digital prints
Dimensions variable, 20 pieces
Zheng Haozhong Self Portrait (Series), 2017 Oil and spray paint on canvas
Four pieces, 120 x 100 cm
13854D, 2016 Oil and spray paint on canvas
200 x 150 cm
13854C, 2016 Oil, spray paint and watercolour on canvas
200 x 150 cm
Dance, 2017 Oil on canvas
300 x 200 cm
Study about the Christ Child, 2017 Oil and spray paint on canvas
200 x 300 cm
Pixy Liao Holding, 2014 Chromogenic print
75 x 100 cm
Ping Pong Balls, 2013 Chromogenic print
75 x 100 cm
Homemade Sushi, 2011 Chromogenic print
75 x 100 cm
Debut, 2012 Chromogenic print
75 x 100 cm
The Hug by the Pond, 2010 Chromogenic print
115 x 150 cm
Shao Yinong Muchen Fairy Tales in Red Times, 2003-2007 Hand-coloured photographs
160 x 120 cm each, 6 pieces
Zhou Zixi Classmates - Four Policemen: Chen Jinsong, Li Bo, Wu Honghang, Zhang Zhijun, 2017 Oil on canvas
4 panels, each 300 x 220 cm
Jiang Zhi Love Letters, 2014 Archival inkjet prints
106 x 80 cm, 14 pieces (only 6 included)
1 piece, 70 x 138 cm
Fade Series, 2016-2017 Archival inkjet prints
Dimensions variable, 8 pieces
Li Lang Father’s 1927.12.03 – 2010.08.27, 2010-2013 Archival pigment print with pencil handwriting
106.6 x 108 cm, 3 pieces
He An What Makes Me Understand What I Know, 2009 neon signs, LEDs, photographic prints
Dimensions variable, 28 signs
prints 2 pieces, each framed 42 x 55 cm
Guo Hongwei Paradise, 2008 Acrylic paint
Dimensions variable, 6 pieces
Jin Shi Small Business - Karaoke, 2009 Bicycle rickshaw, found objects, video, sound
165 x 70 x 220 cm
Hu Jieming The Remnants of Images A, 2013 multichannel video installation, filing cabinet, LED screens, glass
76 x 86 x 40.5 cm
The Remnants of Images B, 2013 multichannel video installation, filing cabinet, glass, LED screens, electric motor, PLC controller Dimensions variable
The Remnants of Images C, 2013 multichannel video installation, filing cabinet, LED screens, glass
177 x 89 x 54 cm
Chen Yujun Temporary Construction 1, 2013 Ink, collage, notebook paper, acrylic on paper
142 x 199 cm
Temporary Construction 7-14, 2014 Mixed media
Dimensions Variable
Temporary Construction 6, 2014 ink, collage, acrylic on paper
142 x 199 cm
Temporary Construction 2, 2013 ink, collage, newspaper, acrylic on paper
140.5 x 198 cm
Temporary Construction 15, 2010 ink, acrylic and embossing on paper
triptych 204.5 x 342 cm
Temporary Construction 16, 2014 ink and acrylic on paper
quadriptych 200 x 568 cm
Ouyang Chun King and Queen No. 2, 2018 Wooden cabinet, plastic bed pans, wood, concrete
133 x 63 x 44 cm
Qiu Jiongjiong Madame, 2009-2010 Documentary in black and white HDV
120 minutes
Zhang Hai’er Click, Crack!, 2011-2013 Hand-manufactured books, inkjet prints on rice paper
Digital book
Gao Rong The Static Eternity, 2012 Cloth, cotton thread, sponge, steel support and board
270 x 516 x 460 cm
Song Dong Operator, 2009 Wood, plastic, textile
210 x 180 x 126 cm
Geng Xue The Poetry of Michelangelo, 2015 Video
19 minutes, 9 seconds
Zhu Jia Waltz, 2013 Video
10 minutes 11 seconds
Wang Jun-Jieh Project Rrose: Love and Death, 2011 Video
8 minutes 37 seconds
Sin Wai Kin It's Always You, 2021 4K dual-channel video
4 minutes 5 seconds
Wu Junyong Dragon, Tiger, Leopard, 2016 Ink on paper
196 x 195 cm
Wu Junyong Uncle series, 2012-2014 Ink, pen, and mineral colour on paper
Dimensions variable
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