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Liao Guohe

Liao Guohe

Artist Liao Guohe 廖国核
DOB 1977
POB Changsha, Hunan, China

Liao Guohe’s published biographies agree on one thing: he was born in 1977. Sometimes he says he was born in Calcutta, at other times he says his birthplace was Changsha, Hunan. He is variously described as a graduate of Hunan Normal University or of the University of California, Santa Barbara, or sometimes, both. This confusion is part of an impishly intentional misdirection; the creation of a deliberately false and absurdist autobiography indicates Liao’s belief that it is the art that matters, not the artist. It’s a deliberate challenge to the identity politics of the contemporary artworld of global biennales, triennials and art fairs. Nevertheless, his work has been shown widely to critical acclaim. Liao Guohe currently lives and works in Beijing (or maybe Changsha, depending on his current identity.)

White Rabbit Gallery - I Loved You exhibition. Liao Guohe, B
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