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25 06.03–26.06.2021


Looking to the light

From the glow which illuminates, to the glare that obscures, our understanding of the world is defined by light: what it shows us, and more importantly, what it does not. Delving beneath the surface of the visible, Lumen ventures into the darkness, revealing the objects and ideas that exist outside our line of vision. Because artists, more than most, know that mystery and insight lie in the transition of shadows.

Whereas painters once put brush to canvas to suggest illumination, today’s artists have been empowered by multi- media and technology. Can a machine unleash a crack of lightning to reflect your current mood? Can a levitating geode be the link between our physical and digital worlds? The artists in Lumen certainly think so. Giving form to the abstract and sculpting the ephemeral, they use an impressive array of media to explore the invisible networks and emotional frailties that shape the human experience.

At a time that could easily be defined by darkness, the artists in Lumen look to the light; be it blinding, illuminating or simply a perplexing trick of the eye, they offer us wisdom, beauty, and an enduring sense of optimism.
Lumen, drawn from Judith Neilson’s renowned White Rabbit Collection of Chinese contemporary art, is the White Rabbit Gallery’s 23rd exhibition.

Guo Fei Boxes, 2009 oil on wood, sensors, speakers,
7 pcs, 54 x 54 x 30 cm
Zhang Peili 2012 Portraits, 2012 single channel video,
22 minutes 9 seconds
Zhou Wendou Basketball Hoops, 2009 neon tubing, mixed media,
5 pcs, 47 x 47 x 62 cm
aaajiao Limited Landscape, Unlimited, 2015 video,
8 minutes 27 seconds
aaajiao Limited Landscape, Unlimited Floating, 2015 3D print, maglev unit
aaajiao Obj. 3, Obj. 4, Obj. 5, 2014 videos,
each 8 minutes
Chen Wei Lightbox, 2013 archival print,
150 x 187.5 cm
Chen Wei Future and Modern, 2014 archival print,
100 x 125 cm
Chen Wei Today is Unsuitable for Shooting, 2013 archival print,
100 x 125 cm
Cong Qing Dust 2, 2008 plastic, paint, metal, spotlights,
dimensions variable
Feng Chen W, 2015–2019 wood, speaker, motor, mechanics,
120 x 108 x 108 cm
Li Yongzheng Look! Look!, 2013 stainless steel mirrors, water, air pump,
50 x 50 x 50 cm
Lin Jiun-Ting Beyond the Frame, 2006 interactive video installation,
dimensions variable
Ma Qiusha Twilight is the Ashes of Dusk, 2011 single channel video,
3 minutes 26 seconds
Shinji Ohmaki Flotage — Tectonics, 2013–2015 silkscreen print on acrylic,
226.5 x 415 x 90.5 cm
Shao Yi Quartet, 2017 sound installation,
4 pcs, 8.5 x 8.5 x 4.5 cm
Wu Chi-Tsung Crystal City, 2015 metal track, motor, LED, plastic,
dimensions variable
Zhu Changquan Head Without Brain 3, 2016–2017 digital print on lightbox,
160 x 120 cm
Zhu Changquan Head Without Brain 5, 2016–2017 digital print on lightbox,
120 x 160 cm
Dai Hua Chinese Dream, 2013 ephemera from performace, lightbox,
55 x 58 x 8cm
Feng Chen Moment by Moment, 2019 video, 6 minutes 13 seconds,
arduino, servo motor, metronome
Li Hui Cage, 2006–2014 green iodine lasers, fog machine,
dimensions variable
Liu Zhuoquan Seven Sparrows, 2011 chinese pigment on glass light fittings and bottles,
8 pcs, dimensions variable
LuxuryLogico Miniature, 2015 stainless steel, copper rods, LED lights, computer,
207 x 576 x 168 cm
LuxuryLogico Solar, 2010 lampshades and sockets, LED lights, wire, electronic chips, computer,
350 x 350 x 45 cm
Shyu Ruey-Shiann Writer's Vessel, 1997–2012 copper tube, pigeon feathers, metal wheel, motor,
30 x 420 x 200 cm
Wang Haiyang Mirror, 2017 watercolour and human saliva on paper, acrylic
video 3 minutes 3 seconds,
45 paintings , each 42 x 42 cm
box 21 x 46.5 x 46.5 cm
Wang Po-Yu Unreal Ink, 2014 interactive video installation,
dimensions variable
Wu Daxin Ashley's Heart, 2011 copper tubes, refrigeration compressor,
dimensions variable
Wu Daxin Egg Shape 1 + 2, 2007 stainless steel, fibreglass, strobe lights, electric motors
280 x 150 x 150 cm
180 x 145 x 145 cm
Yang Xin Original 5, 2015 organic and mineral materials on acrylic, lightobox,
120 x 120 cm
Yao Chung-Han DzDz, 2015 sound, light sensors, interactive software,
500 x 152 x 313 cm
Han Yitian The Milkmaid in a Sandstorm, 2009 gilt frame, video 5 min 45 sec
Han Yitian Mona Lisa From Clear Sky to Rain, 2009 gilt frame, video 7 min 5 sec
Wei Wei Mood Machine, 2009 interactive installation,
dimensions variable
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