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Artists Exhibiting in:


Dong Wensheng

Dahlias; 2014.127

Dong Yuan

Repeated Illusion 7; 2013.084

Gao Ge

Trinity; 2013.120

He Yunchang

White rRbbit Gallery. A Blueprint for Ruins exhibition. When Pigs Can Climb Trees By HE YUNCHANG

Hu Weiyi

White Rabbit Gallery. A Blueprint for Ruins exhibition. Blood Lake By Hu Weiyi

Hu Xiangcheng

Fake Hand Collection 5; 2014.074

Huang Jing Yuan

Gossip from Confucius City 1; 2012.035

Kwan Sheung Chi

Doing It with Chi... Making an Exit Bag; 2013.181

Li Jun

Eyes Right 2; 2013.150

Li Jun

Shadow; 2014.097

Li Ming

Disposable Lighters - Apple; 2017.065

Michael Lin

Deng Pao; 2013.068

Shyu Ruey-Shiann

White rabbit Gallery, I am the people exhibition, SHYU RUEY-SHIANN River of Childhood artwork

Sun Hongbin

Dog in Wind; 2013.184

Tong Dazhuang

One Hundred Genes of Desire; 2008.073

Tu Wei-Cheng


The Collection

The White Rabbit Collection is one of the world’s most extensive and significant collections of contemporary art from China.

The collection contains almost 3,000 works made by almost 750 artists. With a focus on works created since the year 2000, it is a document of social and artistic change in twenty-first century China. White Rabbit Collection is housed at Dangrove, a purpose-built and state-of-the-art storage facility and research centre in Sydney, Australia designed by celebrated architect, Alec Tzannes.



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