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Dong Wensheng

Dong Wensheng

Artist Dong Wensheng 董文胜
DOB 1970
POB Jiangsu, China

Dong Wensheng was born in Ganyu, Jiangsu Province, in 1970, and studied art at the Jiangsu University of Technology, initially preparing to be a teacher before pursuing his own art career as life as an independent artist became possible. Visually lush and cinematic, his photographic and video works are influenced by eclectic sources, from traditional Chinese garden design and ink painting, to porcelain and poetry, the philosophy of Nietzsche, the psychoanalytic theory of Freud and the works of Robert Rauschenberg. A protégé of conceptual artist Zhou Xiaohu, Dong Wensheng is interested, like his mentor, in the absurd, the mysterious and the uncanny. His work has been widely exhibited in China and internationally. Dong Wensheng lives and works between Shanghai and Changzhou.

Dahlias; 2014.127
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