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Artists Exhibiting in:

Decade of the Rabbit


Six Accounts of a Floating Life; 2008.001

Chang Geng-Hwa

1750 Mountainside; 2010.008

Chen Haiyan

Dream 22-3-2004; 2008.023

Chen Wei

CHEN WEI, Drunken Dance Hall, A Blueprint for Ruins exhibition, White Rabbit Gallery

Feng Chen


Gao Rong

White rabbit Gallery, I am the people exhibition, GAO RONG, Some Days Later artwork

Gonkar Gyatso

My Identity 3; 2007.040

He An

White Rabbit Gallery - I Loved You exhibition. He An, What Makes Me Understand What I Know

Huang Zhen

Landscape series; 2010.025

Li Jianfeng

Newton's First Law; 2010.028

Li Jie

2007; 2010.029

Liang Quan

Dayun River; 2010.031

Liang Yuanwei

Salt Series - Little Clocks; 2007.057

Lu Yifan

Phenomenon; 2006.041

Miao Xiaochun

Await; 2007.066


38th Parallel; 2010.042

The Collection

The White Rabbit Collection is one of the world’s most extensive and significant collections of contemporary art from China.

The collection contains almost 3,000 works made by almost 750 artists. With a focus on works created since the year 2000, it is a document of social and artistic change in twenty-first century China. White Rabbit Collection is housed at Dangrove, a purpose-built and state-of-the-art storage facility and research centre in Sydney, Australia designed by celebrated architect, Alec Tzannes.



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