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Artists Exhibiting in:

Paradi$e Bitch

Bu Hua

Anxiety; 2010.077

Chang Li-Ren

Classic Skin Flick Series 12 - Minguo movie; 2014.002

Chen Wei

CHEN WEI, Drunken Dance Hall, A Blueprint for Ruins exhibition, White Rabbit Gallery

Chu Shu-Hsien

Bruce Lee; 2014.044

Gao Rong

White rabbit Gallery, I am the people exhibition, GAO RONG, Some Days Later artwork

Guo Tianyi

What To See - Fog; 2012.022

Hong Hao

Hair; 2015.175

Huang Bo-Hao

Ultramarine; 2015.008

Li Hui

Li hui Artwork in Lumen

Lin Chuan-Chu

Lunch Box; 2015.054

Mia Liu

A Route of Evanescence; 2016.261


Fairy Tales in Red Times - Pink; 2015.178

Shao Yinong

Fairy Tales in Red Times - Pink; 2015.178

Shi Yong

Shi Yong, Let All Potential Be Internally Resolved Using Beautiful Form 6. Shuo Shu exhibition - the white rabbit gallery

Tianzhuo Chen

OM; 2017.072

Wang Po-Yu

Unreal Ink; 2015.077

The Collection

The White Rabbit Collection is one of the world’s most extensive and significant collections of contemporary art from China.

The collection contains almost 3,000 works made by almost 750 artists. With a focus on works created since the year 2000, it is a document of social and artistic change in twenty-first century China. White Rabbit Collection is housed at Dangrove, a purpose-built and state-of-the-art storage facility and research centre in Sydney, Australia designed by celebrated architect, Alec Tzannes.



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