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Meiya Lin

Meiya Lin

Artist Meiya Lin 林美雅
Exhibitions Then
Serve the People
DOB 1979
POB Xiamen, Fujian, China

Working with digital media – videos, interactive video installations, and video games – Lin examines tensions and binaries, deconstruction and reconstruction. After graduating from her study of painting at Xiamen University’s Art Academy in 2003, Meiya Lin relocated to the Netherlands and undertook a master’s degree at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, graduating in 2005. Here she specialised in video, and the early promise of her work was rewarded with an invitation from the world-acclaimed Rijksakademie to be a resident artist for two years. Many of Lin’s works explore her personal memories of collectivism versus individual aspiration in China.

The Times are Summoning; 2010.036
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