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‘Big in China’ Virtual Tour now Live!

‘Big in China’ Virtual Tour now Live!

Published on: 7 April, 2022

Take a tour of ‘Big in China’ from the comfort of your own home. Click on the link below to explore all 4 floors of the gallery, and be sure to listen to the audio tours along the way. They are available in English and Mandarin.


Easter 2022 Opening Hours

Easter Trading Hours

Published on: 1 April, 2022

Friday 15th April: Closed
Saturday 16th April: Open 10am-5pm
Sunday 17th April: Open 10am-5pm
Monday 18th April Closed

Image: Li Rui, Nest 28, 2009, oil on canvas, 100 x 220cm

$5 million to Flood Affected Australians

$5 million to Flood Affected Australians

Published on: 17 March, 2022

Judith Neilson has made a $5 million donation through the Judith Neilson Foundation to the Salvation Army Flood Appeal. The appeal is aiming to raise a total of $10 million which will directly support the estimated 18,000 flood affected households expected to be impacted across NSW and Queensland.

​Sending our thoughts and love to all of those affected and to community on the ground tackling the clean-up and rebuild.

​If you would like to see the Flood Appeal action plan phases or would like to donate, click here:

​If you would like to see Judith’s other charitable work and contributions, click here:

Bu Hua ‘Cat’, Geng Xue ‘Mr Sea’ and Sun Xun ‘Time Spy’

CURRENTLY ON LOAN: Bu Hua ‘Cat’, Geng Xue ‘Mr Sea’ and Sun Xun ‘Time Spy’

Published on: 23 February, 2022

The White Rabbit Collection is thrilled to loan three artworks to Bathurst Regional Gallery, for their exhibition ‘CEL: The Artist as Animator’.

CEL is a synthesis of local, national, and international artists working with what South African artist William Kentridge calls “stone-age animation” (stop-motion animation) wherein the hand of the artist is ever present. These visually rich animations convey complex and at times fanciful narratives through a seemingly simple medium, cutting through technology to form a direct connection with the viewer.

Exhibition: CEL: The Artist as Animator
Location: Bathurst Regional Gallery – 70/78 Keppel Street Bathurst
Dates: 11.02.22 – 03.04.22

Artworks on loan from the White Rabbit Collection:
Top: Sun Xun, Time Spy, 2016
Bottom Left: Bu Hua, Cat, 2002
Bottom Right: Geng Xue, Mr Sea, 2013-14

Science Gallery Melbounre Even in Fear

CURRENTLY ON LOAN: Zhou Xiahou ‘Even in Fear’

Published on: 17 February, 2022

You may remember Zhou Xiahou’s ‘Even in Fear’ from past White Rabbit exhibitions, most recently, our 2019-20 exhibition ‘THEN’. You can now see it at Science Gallery Melbourne for their inaugural exhibition MENTAL.

MENTAL presents over 20 experimental projects from local and international artists and research collaborators that reflect a range of different perspectives on mental health and ways of being. Part exhibition, part experiment, this is a place to explore, empathise and question what it means to be human using science, technology, and creativity.

Exhibition: MENTAL
Location: Science Gallery Melbourne – 700 Swanston Street Parkville
Dates: 20.01.22 – 18.06.22

Installation view: Zhou Xiaohu ‘Even in Fear’ on loan from the White Rabbit Collection, Sydney in Science Gallery Melbourne’s MENTAL.
Photography: Courtesy of Science Gallery Melbourne / Alan Weedon

free audio tour of Big in China

Enjoy a free audio tour of Big in China

Published on: 25 January, 2022

We have partnered with Baksty to offer a free web-based audio tour of the exhibition. No need to download apps or to use headphones, simply scan the relevant QR code at reception and follow the prompts. The tours are available in both Mandarin and English.

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