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Shi Jinsong

Shi Jinsong

Artist Shi Jinsong 史金淞
DOB 1969
POB Dangyang, Hubei, China

Shi Jinsong was born in Dangyang County, Hubei Province in 1969. He majored in Sculpture at the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts in Wuhan, where he mastered a range of traditional techniques, including carving and casting. Under the influence of three powerful stimuli – radical socio-cultural change in china; a reading of ‘Madness and Civilization’ by philosopher Michel Foucault; and the birth of his first daughter, he began to investigate ideas of transformation and control. Through his razor-sharp sculptures and related works, Shi Jinsong initiates a dialogue, at once menacing and ironic, between the forms of mythic Chinese culture and modern day globalization. Including his ‘Ne Zha’, series, a satirical brand — an outrageously unsafe line of baby products.

Baby Stroller - Sickle Edition; 2008.070
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