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Dai Yuzhou

Dai Yuzhou

Artist Dai Yuzhou 戴裕洲
Shuo Shu 说书
DOB 1989
POB Miluo, Hunan, China

Born in 1989 in Miluo, Hunan Province, Dai Yuzhou has been fascinated by the traditions of Chinese culture and the history of calligraphy since he was young. In 2006, he started his formal training in calligraphy with Lei Xianhe, a renowned calligrapher in Hunan, and later, he enrolled in the Calligraphy Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, where he was awarded his BA and MA in 2014 and 2017. Dai is currently completing his PhD at CAFA, where famous calligrapher and seal carver Wang Yong is his mentor. His calligraphy work often references ‘Jiandu’, or bamboo and wooden slips, the traditional medium for writing in China, which was gradually abandoned after the invention of paper in the Han Dynasty. His seal carvings evidence his thorough study of the style of stele inscriptions during the Six Dynasties period. Dai Yuzhou has participated in several group exhibitions in China. He currently lives and works in Beijing.

Dai Yuzhou, Eight Pillars of the Orchid Pavilion, Carved Sentence. Shuo Shu exhibition - the white rabbit gallery
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