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Li Tingting

Li Tingting

Artist Li Tingting 李婷婷
Exhibitions The Big Bang
DOB 1982
POB Shanxi, China

Born in Shanxi Province in 1982, Li graduated from Beijing’s Renmin University in 2007 and now lives and works in Beijing. As a small child she loved to paint and draw, copying anything she could find. During her teenage years access to art books was limited, but she discovered Matisse and his simplicity of line and form, identifying a connection with the dexterous calligraphic brush mark of the literati painters. Today, she experiments to see how far the ink tradition can be pushed into new and hybrid forms. Rather than painting scholar rocks, plum blossom, or bamboo, Li paints mass-produced consumer goods, furniture and household items, documenting the transformation of Chinese culture. Her depictions of ethereal feminine accessories and solid formal furnishings signify China’s new wealth. Li uses Chinese ink, brush and paper in the classical manner, sometimes in the traditional form of a scroll – but with a surprising twist. Despite her admiration for the ink masters, she represents non-traditional subjects, and in early paintings she used vivid pink ink, drawing considerable attention to her work whilst she was still a student.Her work has been exhibted widely in group and solo exhibitions in mainland China and Hong Kong.

Furniture 1; 2012.053
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